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IMG_6809Oud Impressions is devoted the unique sensual delight and sacred significance of Oud oil (also known as agarwood, aloeswood, and gaharu).  From sublimity and reverence to intoxication and ecstasy, Oud oil leaves an everlasting impression on those who encounter its tantalizing aroma. Oud oil is one of the most anciently prized aromatics in the world, especially in the cultures of the Middle East and Asia. As if by its own majesty, Oud oil has already impressed itself in the hearts of generations and the sacred texts of history, and continues to impress itself upon those who newly encounter its rich mystical aroma.

isfahan_celing.jpgOud Impressions is an artistic endeavor dedicated to the many facets of the Oud experience. This website presently contains an archive of over 45 reviews of artisanal Oud oils from Bangladesh, Borneo, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, and Thailand. New reviews are added from time to time, making Oud Impressions a growing source and textual recording of some of the greatest scents of our time.

NoorIn addition to writing about Oud oils, I have begun crafting natural Oud-based (and Oud-inspired) perfumes and attars. These perfumes have been crafted with the intention of creating unique fragrances that dance around the exotic and exalting aroma of Oud oil. My natural perfumes also draw upon the exalting animal fixatives: musk, ambergris, civet, castoreum, and hyraceum. Perfumes, attars, and fixatives are available in the Oud Impressions Shop, viewable as a drop-down menu from the “Shop” tab.

Oud oil, like many other precious aromatics, is now facing an uncertain future. Despite sustainable organic cultivation efforts, the fact remains that Oud is not only greatly endangered, but now nearly extinct. Vintage Oud oils are the final remnants of wild artisanal agarwood distillation. Oganic Oud oils are fine examples of a sustainable approach to agarwood harvestation and a true testament to the quality and nuances of distillation. However, as with all things worth cherishing, time and energy will be required for trees to become of significant age (and infection) such as to match vintage oils. Oud Impressions intends to capture the full spectrum of this unique moment in history, when we are seeing the last of wild Oud oil and the horizons of sustainability.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome To Oud Impressions

    • This is a difficult question to answer. Unfortunately, Ensar has sold out of most of his Borneo oils (Kalbar 3000 being the most recent offering). The only Oud oil from Borneo that is currently available is Kyara de Kalbar, which is quite expensive. This is likely to come closest to the fragrance of Borneo 3000, by sheer fact of being from the same general region. However, I do believe it is from the other side of Borneo than where 3000 was distilled.

      What I would really recommend is that you try Oud Yusuf. It is sweet and cooling like any Borneo oil, and has great complexity, and a lot to offer, and is quite affordable!

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