Kyara Koutan

Kyara Koutan. Speechless. No words can describe the moment of first smelling Kyara Koutan. Mystical and heavenly. Radiant. Green. Woodsy. My first thought upon unscrewing the cap is that this oil is almost too incredible to wear. A penetrating fragrance, deeply touching all the senses at once in a rapture of spiritual intoxication. Koutan is a fragrant journey into a mystical rainforest, colorful and sublime, teeming with magical life. The fresh-green-woodsy note of Koutan pulsates with an elegant sweetness–but the core of this oil is a wordless harmony, a complexity and aliveness that eludes the verbal mind.

Kyara Koutan is sublime and mysterious. It’s fragrance rests deep in the heart–and with each inhalation, Koutan draws the senses beyond themselves into the heights of ascended intoxication.

Kyara Koutan is a fragrance to behold, a truly sacred oil that epitomizes the unique mystical quality of Oud oil–blissfully stirring the mood of deep and joyous reverence for the Divine.

The most intoxicating, brilliantly complex, and stunningly unique Oud oil I have ever come across–Kyara Koutan resists definition, a shape-shifter whose origin cannot be found. Only comparable to Oud Mostafa in its spiritual depth–Kyara Koutan could even be described as its female counterpart.

Kyara Koutan is the most heavenly and intoxicating Oud I have ever smelled–an Oud with a unique spiritual depth that irresistibly moves the heart.

Price: $790/3ml
Jungle: Burma
Crafted: 2007
Yield: 100 tolas
Status: Legend

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