Oud of the Moghuls

Oud Nuh opens with a symphony of notes – a harmony of barnyard, fruits, and sweet wood. The fruity and sweet-woody notes quickly crescendo above the barnyard note, but in the next movement Nuh’s Indian heart mysteriously shows its forte and beauty in a dance with the fruity and sweet-woody notes.

The fruity note of Oud Nuh is tantalizing. My first thought is “Cambodi Caramel!” Oud Nuh boasts a fruity note that is strikingly similar to the colorful berries of Cambodi Caramel. And this is an Indian Oud?! Don’t worry, the barnyard is still there, but it is more “tame” than most Indian Ouds. Surprisingly, this “tameness” coupled with the Cambodian fruitiness is Oud Nuh’s unique allure. Later, one notices a subtle hint of suede amidst the clean woodiness. In its dry down, the aroma of cedar unites with the deeper barnyard note, and not one breath goes by without also noticing that intoxicating sweetness that tops and rounds every note like the grace note of a musical score.

Oud Nuh is truly regal, displaying a colorful range of notes and an enticing complexity with sophistication you have not known before. A desirable young prince, Nuh is beautiful and dignified, noble and strong, but possessing a sweet and soft heart.

While maintaining its simplicity amidst the fullness of its symphonic aroma, Nuh exudes luxury and succulence. Linear and provocative, Oud Nuh hums its own song of songs – a vibrant contemplation pulsating with a life and mystery unique to itself. Oud of the Moghuls, Nuh is the Oud of royalty.

This Oud is a silent and joyous dance of human and spiritual maturity – a radiant equanimity, touching the heart and gently opening a smile.

Price: $550/3ml
Jungle: Assam
Crafted: May 2009
Yield: 20 tolas
Status: Vintage LTD

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