The Oud of Luxury

Cambodi Caramel opens with a burst of berries–a delectable blend of blueberry and raspberry with a hint of strawberry. Unbelievably sweet! With every breath I feel that I am even swallowing and tasting the luxurious sweetness of this Oud. Cambodi Caramel has a sweetness that is so deep and rich…intoxicating. In a fullness of breath, the sweetness closes my eyes, as I allow myself to become lost in this Cambodi’s enticing aroma. Even then, I feel that a single breath alone is not sufficient to fully perceive and receive the depth of Caramel’s sweetness. Truly, I have not encountered a sweetness of this stature in any other Oud.

Cambodi Caramel is bright and deep. It is bold and confident, unashamed of being fearless and sensitive at the same time. Incredibly smooth and so soothing, Caramel is the most nurturing Oud I have come across. The fragrance is so deep and conscious that I cannot accurately say it is linear. It is strikingly alive.

There is no disappointment as Caramel dries down. I am surprised to find the same clarity, depth, and intensity of sweetness as I did in the opening. Wow! I return to my wrist to find that same incredible sweet fruitiness still so present and clear, and now there is a fine woodiness that has become evident. What a surprise! With exceptional sillage, Caramel maintains itself  perfectly, and that alone makes it one of my favorites. Even some of the finest Oud oils do not have this kind of clarity in the dry down. Caramel is aromatically articulate, an inspired musical phrase rich with color and clarity of tone.

Cambodi Caramel is the Oud of luxury–evoking an opulence that makes it a truly aristocratic Oud.

Cultivation: Koh Kong
Crafted: March 2010
Yield: 25 tolas
Status: Legend

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