Al-Arabiya. An un-lit cigarette before its light unleashes its  harsh burning aroma. Deep and fresh tobacco–the cleanest tobacco smell I have ever come across. The smell of your fingers after you have smoked tobacco, but not as sharp, or harsh, or metallic.

As I breathe, my tobacco reveries shift to images of henna  patterns on a woman’s skin, red and beautifully adorned, the intricacy of her hands bathe her arms. Bangles on her arms, anklets on her hennaed feet. The tobacco aroma leans into the bold femininity of henna, an aromatic contrast whose harmony is absolutely intoxicating.

Musk enters the picture, with its sharp and cornered aroma, framing the picture in progress. It is just sharp enough and just quiet enough to not disturb the painting, and only adds a taste of its delectable complement.

Saffron accents the surface, and penetrates the fragrance. Its unique aroma alone captures the essence of the East. With Saffron’s colorful accord, the aroma moves deep into another world.

Oud Bengal is found at the bottom, the canvas upon which this painting was colored. It’s leathery-tobacco notes give this Mukhallat a softness that creates a wonderful dynamic with the sharp and spicy aromas.

Al-Arabiya beautifully captures and aromatically renders the East. A stunningly dynamic Mukhallat, Al-Arabiya contains a deep level of aromatic contrast that is brought into a wonderful harmony of notes. This oil truly sings. And beyond singing, it paints a vivid picture in mind and feeling of the Eastern world. Al-Arabiya is easily the finest Mukhallat that Agar Aura has ever released.

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