Pure Transcendence: Green Oud

Although I’ve found that Oud oils that possess the greener notes tend to be on the lighter and airy side (where I prefer more body), the Kyara note remains one of the most tantalizing and profound olfactory experiences. I wanted to share the following description from Ensar of the various green notes one can find in Oud oil:

ENSAR: There are several types of ‘green’ when it comes to Oud. There is the green of gyrinops trees, which grow in West Papua. This is a leafy, damp jungle air green that is fresh and full of energy. Depending on how it is distilled, it might evoke anything from violet leaf absolute to Vicks Vaporub.

Then there is tea green. A more astringent note, laden with incense smoke, this is found in aquilaria crassna. The higher the grade of wood used to distill the Oud, the crisper and more crystal clear this green note will resonate.

Until you reach the ultimate Kyara green. This is pure transcendence. Aquilaria sinensis is the Oud wood that yields this note, if distilled with care. Yet if the grade of crassna is high enough, you will get the same Kyara note in a super fine crassna oil.

Personally, I find the sinensis oils to be a bit smoky in the top and heart notes. A premium crassna oil will yield a green that is as immaculate as Japanese sencha tea that simply dissolves in water.

Green Kyara, wood chip (1g)

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