The Future of Oud Pt. 6: Wild Cambodi vs. Cultivated Cambodi

Although wild Cambodian Oud is  (statistically speaking) extinct, the Oud world currently has at their fingertips a wild-harvested Cambodi from Agar Aura, and a cultivated Cambodi from Ensar Oud. I would highly encourage my readers to grab a bottle of both, and to engage in an experiment. Can you smell the difference between Oud oil from cultivated trees and Oud oil from wild-harvested trees? Do a blind test, and see if you can locate the bottle of wild oil, and the bottle of organic oil. If you do a blind test, do it early,  before you can identify the fragrances by nose! Furthermore, if you are interested in taking the experiment to another level, try both Oud Yusha and Encens d’Ankgor for a direct experience of the art of distillation.

If you have already done these experiments, or if you are going to, feel free to post your thoughts and conclusions in comments to this post. If significant enough reply is received, a new post could be made featuring the conclusions of the noses of Oud connoisseurs!

We are currently witnessing breakthroughs in the world of Oud oil, and lucky to be participating in this historic moment! Speaking of breakthroughs and experiments, Ensar is currently in Thailand conducting an experiment of his own. He has acquired wild incense-grade Cambodian Oud wood, which he is going to distill into oil. He is doing this to see if his recent organic distillations can compare to the wild distillation, and to see if the wild holds anything that is missing from the organic distillation. A very intriguing, brave, and expensive experiment, Ensar once again demonstrates his characteristic fervor and devotion to discovering the nuances of everything related to Oud oil. Please enjoy the video below:

2 thoughts on “The Future of Oud Pt. 6: Wild Cambodi vs. Cultivated Cambodi

  1. ankgor –
    (i wear it at the moment, together with yusha on the left hand)-

    reach cream, toffy, finest leather, still changing cant really grasp it to describe fully – goes very deep in to my head / and i dont want to leave it even for a second /
    – after some time –
    ooh that was tremendous race/ battle between yusha and angkor / they are like twins but each one has quniqe character / i applied them at the same time on my right and left hand/
    at the beginning yusha went ahead may because i was familiar with him already, then somehow it was left far behind / probably because i started to discover new amazing notes from angkor / after may be 30 min i was completley shoked as it was really too much for my head to handle / i wanted to get more and more of this creamy toffy hook on a thin piece of best leather / i took a deep breath of angkor then yusha then again angkor then yusha and so on – i end up being literally stimulated buy these indescribable experience / it was like a short round of hard core boxing/ punch after punch/ hook after hook / SUBHANALLAH / i am not luying /
    finally i took time out / and i am happy i done it / after a short break i reached them again – by that time both were almost fully opened and developed / however it was still difficult to give preference for one of them / now they are gradually coming to an end / actually the was a time when they were very similar but not now/ i finnaly decide to give 1st prize to my new best friend yusha / (may be because he is more sweet, funny, shiny, fresh and young like me =)

  2. Oud has been used in all spiritual traditions to serve equanimity during meditation and prayer. It is also highly valued as an aphrodisiac in its calming sensuality due to pheromone-type compounds present in the resin. Oud activates the subtle vibration integration with the physical, and thus has been used in high magic. It helps neutralize negative energy and stabilize mind and emotions.

    Anyone who resonates with the Scorpio energenics will likely find at least one of the Oud scent variations utterly transportive and intoxicating. If you have Ascendant, Moon or Venus in Scorpio, sample as many Ouds as you can to buy the ones you will love. Sensual dancing of every kind is notably enhanced. Enjoy!

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