Bhavana.  The Sanskrit root of the word Bhavana is Bhava, meaning something like “intoxicated passion”. I would render Bhavana to therefore mean “the process of becoming passionately intoxicated”. An apt name for an Oud oil! The is the first Indian Oud I have tried from Agar Aura. After reading Taha’s description of Bhavana as being devoid of harsh fecal notes, I was preparing myself for a light and soft Indian oil. However, Bhavana is an undeniably Indian, with plenty of barnyard character. What makes Bhavana unique is the elegance with which it expresses its Indian flair. Bhavana is a full-range Indian oil, but its gentility and smooth creaminess is very soothing. This oil has a soft texture and possesses feminine qualities. It does not possess the overpowering masculine force of classic Indian Oud. It is simple and even sweet in its higher range. I have to agree with Taha’s description of Bhavana having fruity notes of peaches in it. It is very peachy, and the fruit notes hold very tightly to the barnyard aspect, as if in a strict classical composition. No meandering here. Bhavana is also rather linear for an Indian Oud, which is interesting. I certainly do not consider its linearity a negative, because I can see that this oil definitely has its place in a collection of Indian Oud oils. This is that oil that is not too overpowering and intensely Indian, with sharp fecal notes that give you confident knowledge that you cannot wear it outside. This is that Indian oil you reach for when you are not feeling up for the “blast” and depth of an Indian oil, but also know that a Cambodi or Borneo won’t fulfill your craving.

Bhavana reminds me of Oud Nuh with its balance (where Oud Nuh is considerably more potent). Still, both oils are characterized by a certain equanimity and balanced dynamic. Bhavana reminds me most of Oud Shuyukh #2 (now officially named “Oud Yunus”), with its creamy-smooth textures, and soft-sweetness. Bhavana dries down to a charmingly Indian woodiness that is common to all high quality Indian Oud oils. It is a specific kind of woodiness in the dry down that is absolutely delectable and beautifully deep. And when you smell it, you know that only an Indian Oud oil could give it to you. In its higher range, Bhavana remains slightly reminiscent of a Cambodi. But no worries here, Bhavana’s Indian character is quite distinguished and unmistakable.

I personally love the fruity Indian Ouds. The alchemy of fruits and deep barnyard is absolutely incredible and always unexpected to me. Nonetheless, when it comes to Indian Oud oil, there is nothing I love more than an absolutely raw, overpowering, pungent Indian Oud. I still do not have anything in my collection that I can characterize as being completely classically Indian. And that is why I have my eye on Oud Khidr, and I suggest all you fanatics for Indian Oud oil should too. That said, there is no doubt that Bhavana is a high quality Oud oil, from quality raw materials, and the distillation is obviously sophisticated as evidenced in the oil’s scent profile. But even beyond being a high quality oil, Bhavana would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s Oud collection. But beware, if you are looking for something that is black and deep and robust, then this is not your oil! Think of how the blackest Indian Oud oil would smell if rendered in female form. Put it in a bottle, and you have Bhavana–the other side of Indian Oud.

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