Oud Yusuf: A Floral Dream

Oud Yusuf is an instant favorite, leaving me immediately spell-bound and constantly wanting more of its rapturous aroma. What a gentle Oud with so much character. Yusuf is a distillation masterpiece. The ethical standards and sheer artistic vision that went into Yusuf, make it a shining example of artisanal Oud oil. The fragrance is clean, clear, and elegantly punctuated with the freshness of florals. This is the floral Oud of my dreams.

I have never smelled lilacs or lilies, but there are clear and watery floral notes in Yusuf that are impossible to miss. In its higher register, there is a note of Violet Leaf piercing through the body of the oil, but so subtly that it even seems to barely lurk there. The florals are white, purple, and light blue.

However, Oud Yusuf is unmistakably Cambodian in its harmony of sweet juicy fruits. Apricot pervades the oil and remains constant amidst its evolution. Peaches lurk and mingle behind it. Ensar’s mention of honeydew is also very accurate.

Yusuf is “light” in the sense that it has a very feminine quality. It is soft, it nearly caresses its wearer, and draws one into a sensual domain that even epitomizes the finest Borneo oils. But this oil is potent and is definitely not invisible on the skin.

I can now resonate with why Ensar was applying Yusuf four to five times a day. It is among the most addictive Oud oils I have ever smelled. Absolutely delicious, succulent, beautiful. Yusuf gives me visions of a lotus pond under a cool night, surrounded by the air of plumerias, and mist of a freshly-fallen light rain.

Easily one of the finest Oud oils I have smelled, I can see why Ensar projects its maturation equaling and perhaps even exceeding that of Borneo 3000. Oud Yusuf is an oil to remember, an oil to truly enjoy and savor. The “powdered woody finish” was most unexpected, but Yusuf does ultimately yield a sweet powdery woodiness that does not leave behind any of the fruits or flowers. Absolutely gorgeous. No one should miss out on Oud Yusuf, especially for its price, it is a gift to the agarwood world and a sign of ethical harvestation.

Cultivation: Trat
Crafted: 2011
Yield: 115 tolas
Price: $250 (on sale for $229.95)

5 thoughts on “Oud Yusuf: A Floral Dream

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  4. SALAMUALEKUM ( for those who are muslims =)

    ooh yes / i agree to some extend / first of all quality – there is no questions asked – 100% – amazingly high / i am not sure about “fruits” / for me it is mo clover honey and tiny touch of apricot /and really i would call it herbal oud because it reminds me of damiana, not much though /
    the main thing is that this oil ( as many others ) does not smell the same from the bottle as it smell after applied on the skin / from the bottle it is like when you looking at something what is really attracts you and you want to get it by any possible way / then after applied – it is like you owned it =) and now it is yours =) and you dont want to loose it / i would also call it younger brother of yusha / (it is my personal opinion just because i like yusha more) they are a bit similar but very different at the same time =)

  5. Very accurate description! Totally hypnotizing. I would add a buttery caramel note and rather than honeydew I get acacia honey. I also reminisce my father’s cavendish tobacco when I smell this… Can’t wait til it’s reached its full maturity.

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