Oud Yusha: Cambodia’s Fruit Bowl

Oud Yusha. A very fruity Cambodian oil that is deeply resinous and honey-sweet. If you can hear and feel the word “Yusha” then you have an audible allegory for its fragrance. It is very much like strawberry jam. The notes of amber are really nice and bright, making this an upbeat and lively oil.

Yusha smells nearly identical to Agar Aura’s Oud Kampuchea. But Yusha’s fruits are darker, and its amber notes are more pronounced. Altogether, Yusha is a livelier and brighter oil–a younger sister of Oud Kampuchea.

What is really worth noting here is that Oud Yusha was distilled from organically cultivated agarwood, and that Kampuchea was distilled from wild agarwood that was approximated to have an infection of 7-9 years. The mere facts of these oils would have one envisioning two totally different scents. And yet, we have nearly identical oils.

This is not to say that organic oils are identical to wild oils. That is a unique play between these two oils in particular, somehow. But it is deeply suggestive of the potential of organic Oud.

Oud Yusha lets me forget about “organic” and “wild”, and just revel in the beauty of artisanally distilled Oud oil of the highest quality. A fruity gem–I recommend Oud Yusha to all lovers of fruity Cambodian oils, as Yusha epitomizes the fruity-Cambodian profile. Start your day with Oud Yusha, you won’t regret it!

Cultivation: Trat
Crafted: July 2010
Yield: 22 tolas
Price: $250 (currently on sale for $229.95)

1 thought on “Oud Yusha: Cambodia’s Fruit Bowl

  1. the first thing i want to say – MASHAALLAH LA HAULA WA LA QUWATA ILA BILLAH /

    it is out of this world ( of cheap oudh and internet doggy sellers/ sorry for bad words and poor english= ) quality /

    oud yusha / ooooh / thats – i dont know what to say =) really

    when i opened the bottle i was like – thats it / but then i applied a bit and bang – i got it / full /deep / rich / unusual / exotic scent

    however that was only beginning – after 25-35 min it started to change and develop its true character / to become even more amazing /

    the main thing is that i dont even have to smell my arm to feel it / i was going for jumma prayer and suddenly it comes to nose by it self /

    ooh / i was like – where is it coming from ??? from me ? MASHAALLAH =)

    i used some at 10-11 oclock – now it is almost 6 and it is still here with me /

    he like an old friend who came to visit you and he does not want to leave now / but you are not angry about that / to be honest you are happy to stay with him and spend more and more time chatting about life =)

    it reminds me of countryside / sunny morning / lakes / old friends / fun / country side huge fields and fresh hay

    i really dont know what to expect next =)


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