Oud Emerald: A Fresh Jungle

Oud Emerald is an oil for the true Oud connoisseur, as it takes an experienced nose to appreciate the nuances of this multi-faceted oil. For one, Oud Emerald defies the “popular” scent profiles of Indian, Cambodian, and Borneo Oud oils. In fact, I find that it has nearly nothing in common with the treasured Oud oil from those regions. For that reason, some may initially find Oud Emerald to be off-putting. But patience is sure to reward those who hear Emerald through.

The opening of Oud Emerald is unlike any oil I’ve smelled before. I have no familiarity with the scent profile of Indonesian oils, and so this was a real treat for me to experience. Oud Emerald has an almost mineral opening, a rich earthiness pervades the scent. Yet a sweetness is lurking behind its earthy-tones. Altogether, the earthy-sweetness of Oud Emerald drys down to a damp leathery note that reminds me of other jungly Ouds, such as Oud Royale and Oud Bengal.

Oud Emerald is a fresh jungle Oud, wet and green with hints of mint and tulsi. It is the fragrance of a dense jungle after the rains, the wet rains still on the leaves, the scent of the soaked soil with humidity in the air.

A now Legendary oil, Oud Emerald is only available from private collectors. However, it is definitely worth adding to your collection for its uniqueness. I would speculate that Oud Emerald is likely the highest quality Indonesian oil one will find. To my nose, it will be hard to surpass the pristine elegance and maturity of this oil. If you have the opportunity to acquire a bottle, don’t pass it up.

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