Maroke 2004

Maroke 2004Maroke 2004 is everything you would want in a Papuan oil. This oil is delicious and displays the beautiful equanimity and depth of the most classic Indonesian oils. At first sniff, I reflect back to Oud Emerald. Jungly, but not quite as swampy and damp as Oud Emerald. Its deeper, much deeper. Woody, earthy, with some florals. It smells like the rainforest and contains a similar diversity of notes. But the notes are very close together, as if the oil is just its heart, not much movement, a stillness of rich Oud fragrance that radiates a fullness of thrilling fragrance.

There is such a purity in Papuan oils. I feel like nothing gets closer to the pure Oud profile than these oils. Why? Because when distilled from very high quality wood, they bring you the closest to the scent of the wood, to the smell of burning wood, to that mysteriously narcotic aroma that no one can describe. Indian Oud is classic, but even it has its tweaks. The soaking of the wood really adds quite a dimension to the oil’s profile, and the fecal notes are the real power of Indian oils. They have an impressive depth, robustness, and tenacity. The power of Indian oils really epitomizes and defines Oud. And yet, I find myself drifting deeper into Papuan oils. There is something irresistible in the clean, pure, and even-tempered scent of oils such as Oud Royale and Maroke 2004.

Within 10 or so years, I predict that Maroke 2004 will be a close comparison to Oud Royale No. 1 as it is now. Although, by then, Oud Royale No. 1 will have aged more, and from smelling the two, clearly Oud Royale comes from the highest possible grade of wood.  Still, Maroke 2004 will come in a close second. It already smells quite similar. It is perhaps not quite as deep and tantalizing as Oud Royale No. 1, but it is not far off either!

In that regard, there is not really too much that can be said about this oil. Those who are familiar with oils such as Oud Royale No. 2 and Oud Emerald will light up when they smell this oil. It is everything you liked in those oils–but better. Those who have not tried Oud Royale No. 1 will get a beautiful taste of the potential of Oud oil when they smell Maroke 2004. It will leave you dreaming about Oud Royale No. 1, for sure. But really, Maroke 2004 is top of the line. Oud Royale No. 1 just went an extra step.

There are a few noteworthy aspects of this offering. For one, it was distilled by the same man who distilled Kyara Koutan, Borneo 3000, Borneo 4000, Kyara de Kalbar, Royal Kinam, and etc. That list alone is quite impressive, because they are all legendary oils (except for Kyara de Kalbar), and have come to be loved and treasured by collectors worldwide as some of the best Oud oils ever distilled. Furthermore, Maroke 2004 is already a little over 8 years old. To find an oil like this for $550 is really a generous offering. It could easily be sold for much more than that.

My recommendation: If you’ve never ventured into the territory of Papuan oils, then with Maroke 2004 you have found a beginning and possibly even an end. If you already love Papuan oils and own a few Legendary ones, then you have found that unexpected gem for your collection. Lovers of Oud Royale No. 1 and Oud Sultani, Maroke 2004 is waiting for you.

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