The Shop

Dear readers,

I am happy to announce the addition of a Shop to Oud Impressions. This blog is now expanding beyond its initial premises and becoming my creative outlet for all things olfactory. In addition to writing reviews of Oud oils and Oud perfumes, I am hoping to offer a more tangible form of inspiration in the form of my own Oud-based perfumes and Attars. These can be found in the new Oud Impressions Shop. Also available in the Shop, from time to time, will be Oud oils that I have decided to sell from my own private collection.

I have also added a “perfumes” category to the blog where I intend to post reviews of Oud-based perfumes. Ensar Oud’s Borneo Zen, Pink Papua, and Thai Tabac are soon to be the first reviews in this new category, followed by Profumo’s Oud Caravan.

But amidst all this talk of perfumes, I mustn’t forget the root of my inspiration–vintage Oud oils. Coming soon are reviews of the much acclaimed Oud Sultani and Kyara de Kalbar, so stay tuned…


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