New Order Form

Dear readers, I am pleased to announce the addition of an Order Form to the Oud Impressions Shop. Whenever you want to place an order from the Shop, simply click on the “Order From” from the drop down menu and choose the item you would like to order. There are four listed fields: Oud oils, Sandalwood, Perfumes, and Deer Musk. Select your choice and choose “None” for any fields you do not intend to order from. For ease of navigation, a link to the Order Form will be provided with every listing in the Shop as well. The option to order samples has also been integrated into this order form.

Recent additions to the Shop include two beautiful Sandalwood oils: A 10yrs Aged Mysore Sandalwood and a unique Hawaiian Sandalwood. Soon to be added is santalum album from Sri Lanka.

The Oud Impressions Shop will also soon be carrying pure Tibetan Musk grains soaking in Aged Mysore Sandalwood oil. Please note I will only be able to ship Sandalwood oil with grains within the USA. International customers can inquire about musk-infused Mysore Sandalwood without grains.

Coming soon are more reviews of recently released and yet-to-be released oils from Ensar Oud, as well as reviews of Oud oils from Agar Aura, and Oudimentary.

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