2014 Update

Dear agarwood aficionados,

It has been some time since I have been active with Oud Impressions, and so it is high time for me to post an update.

Regarding reviews, I have received samples of a good number of Oud oils that I am still spending time with before writing a review. These oils in particular are so complex that I have had to spend more time with them than oils in the past. We have seen the release of many great Indian, Cambodian, Thai, and Papuan oils, so many that each new release now has the challenge to continually distinguish itself from its predecessors. So far, I have been pleased to find that each oil maintains a unique integrity and continues to reveal nuances not previously known. Perhaps this is the wonder of agarwood oil–that each oil will always have its own unique character, despite region, distillation, and grade of materials. Speaking especially in terms of “artisanal” grade Oud oils–no batch is ever the same.

Anticipate reviews for Purple Kinam, Kambodi Kadeem, Kyara LTD: Port Moresby, Oud Al-Kaabah, Assam 3000, and a surprise oil. Presently, I have been spending the most time with Kambodi Kadeem, and will post a review once I feel I have gotten to know the oil sufficiently.

Regarding perfumes, I have made a few perfumes that I have not released or formally launched. I expect to release these soon. Those who are eager for more information before a formal launch are welcome to contact me.

And finally, on a more solemn note, I have decided to let go of some legendary Oud oils in my private collection, purely for financial reasons. I am now beginning studies in both Ayurvedic and Tibetan Medicine, and in order to support these endeavors will need to sacrifice a few of my favorite Oud oils. Luckily, the new releases keep my optimism high for the future of Oud and high-quality distillations, making it possible to transcend the apparent loss of some of these classics in my collection. If you are seriously interested in purchasing one or more of these oils, please contact me through the Contact Form on this website. I will reply the same day with details on the oils and pricing. Please only serious inquiries and offers. International inquiries are also welcome.


Your Impressions

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