Oud Nuh For Sale

Dear readers,

I am selling my one and only bottle of the legendary Oud Nuh, released by Ensar Oud some years ago now. It has always had a unique place in my collection for its uncanny blend of regional profiles–sweet, pungent, bold, woody. See my original review of this oil here: Oud Nuh review.

The purchase of this oil will go to my medical schooling, which is the only reason why I am letting go of the oil. In my opinion, this oil is a true classic, something to be remembered for years still to come. I would rather not let it go, but I hope the lucky buyer will appreciate its uniqueness.

The following photographs of the oil in its original bottle should be sufficient for anyone curious about oil volume. There is some oil hardended around the neck of the bottle. This is natural for these type of bottles–I can either leave this on or remove it for the future buyer. Let it be known that the hardened oil is still oil and deliciously aromatic! Lightly used, mostly full bottle, I only wore it a few times.



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